My house is still clean! And I’ve been home for more than 10 minutes!

My mom brought me a washing machine that hooks up to my kitchen sink today! Yay! No more laundormat! Only problem was that the hose end that screws onto the tap was too big. So I sent Sean to the 24 hour Home Depot to get an adapter for it. I’m afraid cuz a) it will be closed (it is Easter Sunday after all), and that b) he will get the wrong thing. Like the old cliche sez: “When you want something done right, do it yourself.” Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Mom also left me some chives for my soon to be herb garden (I haven’t gotten the rest of the plants yet). I got them transplanted into their new home, and I hope they do well, as I seem to be a notorious plant killer. My herbs from last year did pretty well though – guess it was just because I like to eat, and used them a lot.

I’m also going to fill my flower garden this year. Gonna get some plants that I can’t kill and go with that. Suggestions are welcome.

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