According to this story, the list of “lyrically objectionable” songs (last mentioned in this post) was taken out of proportion. A spokeswoman was quoted as “It was one region trying to be sensitive to their listeners after last Tuesday’s events.” Okay fine, but I want to know if they’re being sensitive to their listener’s sensitivities or to their advertisers. What, me? Cynical? Of course not! I still believe that music of all forms can be cathartic for people, and most, if not all of the songs on the list were perfectly appropriate for that. (Update: Apparently the List has really gained some momentum. Here are links from the Urban Legends Reference Pages and The New York Times.)

Speaking of music, Sean and I went and saw Tool last night. We were on the floor so I didn’t see as much as I would have liked, but it sounded fabulous. Maynard (the lead singer) said something really interesting last night:

“I have an assignment for you. Remember these feelings you’re having: Good, bad or indifferent. Take them home with you. And in the coming months, create something positive that will heal the globe.”

Good advice. I hope to follow it.

View the Toronto Sun’s review of the show here and ChartAttack’s review here. (I really wish the Star would do more archiving of their stuff so I could link their review for balance.)

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