Lots of things going on around here. I went out with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time, and we went for dinner and saw Kissing Jessica Stein. We both really enjoyed it, and it was a great movie to go and see with a friend. If you get the chance, try and see it – the story was smart and funny, and while I thought it was deliciously feminine, it wasn’t overly girly.

I also finally bought the bookshelf for my bedroom that I needed so badly. No more books all over the bedroom floor! Of course, being the Virgo that I am, I had to organize the books in a certain way between the two bookshelves I access the most. The bookshelf in my hallway has all of my fiction books, some biographies and my books on career and financial planning (because books on finances and career are not fun and do not belong in the bedroom). In my bedroom, there are several more categories, and I made sure they flowed into each other.

One shelf has health/weight loss (wish I could just say health – buying books on weight loss seems so pathetic), which moves into my books on herb gardening, which moves into my cook books (loosely sorted by cuisine type), which moves into my craft and home decoration books. The shelf below has all of my aromatherapy books, followed by my books on the Bach flower remedies, followed by my books on cleaning out the clutter and simplifying your life. The other shelf that has books on it has my books on writing and typographic design (something I’m interested in but haven’t really read yet), as well as various celebrity biographies. These arrangements seem like natural progressions to me, but I’m not consulting with the Dewey Decimal System to see how they categorize things.

I have two more shelves but I don’t have enough books to fill them yet. However, since my Chapters wishlist seems to have grown to over $600 worth of books in several categories, I hope to fill them up someday. So right now the top shelf has my diffuser on it, and the bottom shelf is still empty. And, since my camera was sitting on my desk, I remembered to take a picture.

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