There is just so much to do!

I mean that in the best way possible. I am really busy, but in a good way. Between work, home, eat, sleep, there is knitting, Illustrator class, housecleaning, aromatherapy stuff, things to read on the internet, things to read on paper and in books, yoga classes – so many things to do, and accomplish, and enjoy!

I do want to devote some time to getting this site back in order (start adding pictures again, update links, redesign, blah blah blah), but lately, i’ve been finding that the net is like television for me – once i turn it on, i go to the familiar timesucks, and waste time there instead of seeing or doing something new. So here the site sits, neglected and sad. I need to prioritize my life, but not in the same way I used to feel I needed to. Before, I felt like my life was careening out of control, and that there was no time to do anything fun. Now, I know there is lots of time to do lots of fun things, but I need to reign in some of that energy, so i can do everything i want to, and not neglect any of the other fun things I want to do.

I’m very proud of myself for starting to get out of the house and take classes in things that interest me. I’ve been doing really well in my DTP classes, and that was really inspiring for me both professionally and personally. I’m also signing up for some knitting workshops taking place next Saturday, so I can learn some of the more complicated beginner-type things under instruction, instead of by myself from a book. (I actually like learning from books, but sometimes I don’t feel confident that I’m doing something right if I learn it only from a book.)

Now, I just have to get back into my aromatology correspondence course again. It turns out that I have to essentially start all over again because they initially sent me the wrong material back in May. I got a nice letter from the founder of the school explaining this, along with new materials and the starter kit I never received when I first signed up. Part of me is annoyed about this, but most of me figures “well, now I get a chance to really devote my time to this stuff and do it right.” Lets hope that happens.

Like I said, there is lots and lots to do.

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