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It’s funny. Lately, I think about things I want to put on the site, and by the time I get around to writing them, I don’t think they’re interesting/relevant/funny/important anymore. Things like how I’m annoyed with my doctor because she repeated last year’s trick and now i have to go back for another appointment. What irks me is that if she had taken the half an hour to take care of business, she wouldn’t have to see me again for another year. But of course, I’m far too nice and understanding about stuff like that and took it gracefully – cheerfully even.

“Oh yes, please don’t worry about my needs or what I want…it’s not like my needs are just as important than yours.”

The problem is that I really do understand where people are coming from when this kind of thing happens. Which is why I’m so willing to let things slide. I know that my doctor was working overtime by the time she saw me, and since I think I was her last appointment, she probably just wanted it to be quick so she could go home. I can understand that.

The problem is, I understand everyone else’s position to the point that I’ve stopped understanding my own position. What’s up with that?

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