Events that have occurred in the last 10 days that have shaped my life in varying degrees:

1) July 5– saw Metallica at the Skydome. Despite the cruddy sound (which I didn’t notice much – I wear earplugs to most shows – you only get one set of ears you know), they put on a great show as usual. I really liked the stills they projected on the video screens of old pictures, covers from various singles and film footage. A really neat touch during the montage was the illustration of Rob Trujillo done in a similar style of the band illustrations done for the Black Album. The Skydome was disgustingly hot and crowded. Not letting beer into the stands or onto the floor made walking on the concourse very crowded.

2) July 7– Looked at our first set of houses. Was not a successful night. The last house reeked of cat pee and mothballs, was dirty to the point of being disgusting on top of crowded and cluttered. (An old lady was recently put into a nursing home, so obviously that’s a difficult situation, but the house won’t sell if you don’t make it attractive to the buyer.) Oh, and there was a guy sleeping out front on the lawn. We walked by him twice, kids were playing loudly across the street, and it wasn’t that far from the Danforth, but he never even stirred. The seller was there, and he didn’t even flinch or comment at his friend on the lawn.

3) July 9– looked at more houses, somewhat better luck, found two we liked.

4) July 10– after almost deciding firmly that we wanted one of the houses from July 9th, we go look at one more place just so “we can compare our options”. Sean has a good feeling about this one.

5) July 13– we sign papers to purchase said house from July 10th. Closing date is August 15th!!! At least we’ll be moved in before fall and before our rent goes up again here at the apartment. Starting to feel less nervous and terrified and moving into excited and antsy.

6) July 15– went to the gym in the first time in over two months. At 7:30 AM. I rather like working out in the morning, and I could get used to that. Must try it again.

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