There is nothing like being woken up out of a dead sleep at 2AM worrying about something you did at work that day, checking your email to reassure yourself, then finding out that stuff actually *did* go wrong due to technical issues beyond your control, and now you have to try and redeem things. Hopefully the emails I sent a few minutes ago don’t sound too much like I was awake at 2AM on a weekend thinking about this stuff. Wouldn’t want to sound too work-obsessed or anything.

We are now one week away from moving and six days until the house closes. The packing is going slowly, and our stuff must be mutating in the night cuz I can’t believe how many boxes we’ve already packed with so much to go. Of course, I always get pretty bent out of shape during moves, so maybe we’re doing all right. We signed the mortgage papers on Thursday, so it feels a lot more real. Maybe now we can start doing some hardcore packing.

No wait, the hardcore stuff is already packed, we kept the softcore stuff out. Oh, aren’t I funny at 3 AM?

Once we settle into the house, we can then start doing some serious thinking about the wedding. I was reading some unpacked wedding books yesterday, and they were sending me into worrying fits and dreams of Vegas, but we’ll see what happens. Like I’ve been saying to everyone “I have to think about one thing at a time or my head will blow off.”

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