I guess three weeks between updates is better than 3 months, isn’t it?

For the first time in a long time, Sean and I had a very productive Saturday on our own. Usually, our most productive times at home come when my parents are visiting and they kindly offer to help us do stuff around the house. We did the following:

  • Finished painting Sean’s new office. It looks spiffy!

  • Began setup of furniture and computer in Sean’s new office.

  • Began cleanup of our former shared office, which is now my own office.

  • Did several loads of laundry – and most of it is folded and put away.

  • Shredded old mail

  • Gathered up a ton of recycling and trash.

  • Straightened up the storage room in the basement (didn’t really get rid of anything though, but that’s cuz Sean did it without me).

It was definitely a good day to stay inside and do all this. Today’s blizzard, as well as the continuing wind chill has made it a perfect day to stay inside and get stuff done.

Our house is far more cluttered than it should be for two people and a cat. While we did have a roommate up until last week, he took most of his stuff with him. The leftover stuff is getting on my nerves though, and I’m looking forward to getting rid of it too. As I’ve been going around the house doing stuff today, I keep thinking “I could have a yard sale this spring.” But I know that by the time yard sale season rolls around, I’ll have forgotten about which stuff I want to sell. So it would be prudent for me just to box up what I have now and send it to Goodwill or something, but I don’t know what their limits are for taking stuff. I don’t want to give them crap that won’t sell there, but may make a quarter from a little kid buying stupid stuff with change from the couch.

But back to my office. The major task of the weekend has been to get Sean and I into separate offices so that we can have our own space for doing stuff. I want to have my computer, books, aromatherapy stuff, and a spot to do crafty things. Just before Christmas, I saw the nicest craft desk on sale in the Canadian Tire flyer. My sister liked it too, and picked it up for herself right away. I decided to wait since I didn’t know that I was getting my own ofice yet, and now I can’t get the desk anymore – it was a special order, and now I can’t find it anywhere. I even looked on Ebay, and someone is selling one there, but in USD and with a pantload of shipping that makes it awfully expensive. So now, I have to be on the lookout for it.

There is still lots to do around here, but I don’t feel like I’m horribly behind at this point in the weekend like I normally do. I guess Sean and I are changing for the better.

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