The site is almost under control now. I just have to reformat the photo section. I’m not quite sure how to do it yet since I have over two years of pictures to sift through and upload. Has it really been that long since I uploaded photographs to the site? So much has happened! I still can’t get the archives to format properly. I contacted Blogger support, and they responded to me, but the answer wasn’t quite what I needed. I don’t think I explained it quite right, and I don’t feel like trying again. I’m probably the only person who reads the archives anyway (vain much?) so there’s not too much reason to get upset.

This is a much better way to spend Super Bowl Sunday than watching football. Although I’m sure that once Sean comes home from his business trip, the TV will go right to football.

Saying “once Sean comes home from his business trip is making me giggle. We’re *that* kind of couple now, with real careers, a mortgage and a cat. Kinda clashes with the whole rocker/geek mentality we’ve maintained for so long. A reminder that we all wear different hats at different times.

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