Photos of my latest soap:

This is the first time I’ve made soap in a long time. I set up a “soaping centre” in my office where I could make soap (or any other crafty thing) and tonight was the first time I used it (I was waiting for some pyrex pots I bought off of Ebay to come in so I wouldn’t be trucking the kitchen pots up and downstairs all the time). I’m really happy with the way the space, and the soap, turned out.

One of the best things Sean and I have done in our house is separate our offices. Now we both have a space in the house that is solely our own. I love working in my office much more than I did when Sean and I had a shared office, and I think I’m becoming more productive on the hobby side of things again, with the soap, and the increased entries on the site, so that is a great bonus.

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