The end of another year is upon us. Sean and I just had fondue, which I’m trying to instill as a New Year’s tradition. It’s the second year we’ve done it so does that count as tradition or not? Fondue just seems like such a New Year’s thing. My mum and dad did it with my sister and I at least once at New Year’s when we were kids, so I’m trying to restart the tradition that never really started in the first place.

I was trying to remember what I’ve done for New Year’s in the last ten years (in 1995, I would have been 17 years old). I know that for two or three years, I went to my best friend Stacey’s house, which was super-fun, but other than that I think I’ve always been at home (or at Sean’s mother’s house before we got our own home). I don’t think I’ve ever been to a major New Year’s party or even out to a restaurant; I’ve always just chilled at home or went to Stacey’s.

Oh wait, in 1999, Sean and I went to see Metallica in Detroit which was an adventure (the 401 was so quiet that night!), but was kinda freaky cuz I worried a bit that the Y2K freakout would seriously screw things up, but it didn’t. We still got Timbits on the way home, and we still had electricity in the morning (which is good, cuz the apartment we had at the time was on electric heat if I remember properly.)

Other than fondue, it’s been quiet. Sean has been watching the hockey game, and I’ve been wandering around online. I’m in my pajamas now (a saucy pink “lounging set” from my mum – pretty sad when the saucy pj’s come from your *mum* and not your husband, but whatever, they are comfy.) I’ve been trying to pace my New Year’s libations so I actually manage to stay up till midnight. Last year I got kinda silly and while I managed to stay up till the ball dropped, I think I went to bed before Auld Lang Syne was even finished. That is one of the advantages of staying home. I can get drunk in my pajamas (or whatever I want – even my rattiest underpants and t-shirt) and I haven’t completely embarrassed myself to anyone beyond Sean, the cat and the dog.

I’ve been thinking about resolutions a little bit, but nothing has been committed to yet. Sean tried to tell me that his resolution was to do *less* housework, but resolutions are made to be broken so I don’t expect much outta that. I am not resolving to lose weight though – that is just too disappointing when you eat the first bad-for-you thing of the year. You feel like you’ve already failed the year at that point, and I’m not doing that again.

Well, my wineglass is empty, and it’s only 9:30, so I better go and toast 2005 some more.

Happy new year.

love, melissa

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