underpants is a funny word

Today after work, as I was walking to the subway, I saw a pair of navy blue men’s underpants on the sidewalk. I didn’t see how they got there. I do hope the owner wasn’t wearing them at the time cuz it’s pretty much impossible to take off your underpants without taking off your pants. Also, it was awfully chilly out so dropping your pants, then your underpants, in the middle of a busy sidewalk would not be a pleasant task, never mind dealing with the scorn of society by being a public pants-dropper.

I wanted to take a picture of the underpants, for a “look how crazy my neck of the woods is” kind of portrait. However, I was afraid that people around me would think that I was responsible for these underpants. I wanted no part of picking them up off of the sidewalk after someone saw me paying attention to them for just a little too long.

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