QotD: It’s All In The Stars

What’s your sign? What do you think of astrology and horoscopes?

I am a Virgo. In fact, I am pretty much a textbook Virgo, so I definitely believe in astrology.

As for horoscopes, I hate it when I read my horoscope in the free paper I get at the subway, and it says that I should do something like “wear blue for an important meeting”. I’m on the subway! That means that I am already dressed, and going home to change isn’t really an option! I like reading my horoscope, but I don’t think that is what should define my day.

I’m really thankful that Sean and I are compatible astrologically. He is a Cancer and a pretty good example of one. He believes in astrology enough to get a tattoo of his sign, so I would say he’s a believer too.

Sean's Cancer Crab Tattoo

It’s important not only to be astrologically compatible, but for both spouses to believe that it’s important to be astrologically compatible.


(Here’s a picture of Sean where you can see more than the tattoo-ed back of his leg)

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