QotD: Ghost Story

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen a ghost?
Submitted by Nancy.

I believe in ghosts, but I also believe that if you are afraid of them, you will never see one. So, since I am afraid of ghosts, I will never see one.

While I haven’t seen them, several members of my family have, or have had spirits come to them in dreams.

My sister saw my father in a dream shortly after my father died. She dreamed that the two of them were doing all the fun things they did while he was alive. Boating. Driving in my dad’s Jeep. (Other things I don’t remember since it wasn’t me that it happened to.) The whole time they’re doing stuff, my father kept saying “I have to go. I have to go.” Finally she asked him “Why do you have to go? We’re having so much fun!” He said (and I’m probably paraphrasing here since it wasn’t my dream) that he couldn’t be there anymore, and that he had to go. I think that was the point that she realized that he was really dead and not coming back. A very powerful dream for a ten year old.

My mom says that she spoke to her mother once. She saw her and was frightened at first, then realized “Why am I afraid of my own mother?” then they had the chat that my grandma wanted them to have.

The ghostly encounter that freaks me out the most is the one my brother-in-law had. Right before he and my sister got married, he apparently had a dream that my dad was giving him the pre-wedding talking-to. “You better treat my daughter right” and all that. What spooks me out about that is that he never met my father – my dad had died about seven years before my sister even met her husband. He had seen pictures, and I’m sure my sister has told him a lot about our dad, but apparently the dream was pretty dead-on.


Good lord, that stuff freaks me out.

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