I actually did stuff on the weekend

My folks were up on the weekend, and my mom was itchy to go to shopping. She likes checking out warehouse and discount sales whenever she is in Toronto. She asked me what I was looking for and I told her that I was only planning to look for Christmas presents.

I ended up spending nearly $200 on clothes for myself (and one pair of jeans for Sean), and about $15 (including tax) on some porcelain Santas for my mother-in-law to add to her vast collection.

Obviously, I did not stick to the plan.

However, I can justify this unplanned expenditure on sartorial splendour by saying that I got everything on sale, and 2/3 of it on major sale. I estimated that I saved almost $340 from the original prices of everything. So, seeing as I actually saved more than I spent, that means I made money, right? Okay, maybe not, but it was a good shot.

In other weekend events, Sean and my stepdad installed an outside plug and a motion sensor light at the front of the house. The plug will make Christmas lights and weedwhacking much easier, and we’re hoping that the sensor light will deter the assholes who live down the street from smoking, yelling, littering, and occasionally drinking in front of my house. Go do that in front of you own house please.

Alice in Chains

Finally, Sean and I went and saw Alice in Chains on Sunday night. By the time Sunday night rolled around, we were both tired, and while I wanted to see the show, I wasn’t looking forward to staying up past our bedtime to see it. (The joys of becoming a responsible adult who can’t just sleep in to even things out anymore.)

By the time the show was finished, I had forgotten that I was tired before I had left the house. The show was really tight, the new singer was fabulous, and I remembered how much I like this band. While most of the show was electric, they did play an acoustic mini-set. The show was awesome, and if you get a chance to see them on this tour, you should go – their energy is really high, and you can tell they are feeling good about playing live.

I’m not used to having such an eventful weekend. Maybe I could get used to it.

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