Chunk Soap

I’m starting to branch out and make soaps that take a little bit more effort. Chunk soap is easy to make, but takes more effort because the chunks need to be made first, so you’re basically doing twice the work for one batch of soap (I made four of each soap). However, since they are so pretty look at, the effort is worth it.

The soap on the left is fragranced with a mix of orange, grapefruit and lime fragrance oils (FOs). The orange chunks really overwhelm the green ones, and they look more salmon-y to me rather than orange but that is because the orange colouring came out really fast, and I ended up with more than I wanted. This soap kinda remnids me of carrot and celery sticks that are cut up for dipping. Sean said the same thing when he saw them, which made me smile – talk about same wavelength!

The soap on the right is fragranced with an FO called “Ice Wine”. I’m not sure if it smells like actual ice wine, but it is sweet, sugary and grapey. This fragrance can become too strong really quickly so I only use a little bit when I use it in soap or other bath products. The chunks came from a another chunk soap that I tried to make that fell apart. I cut the broken pieces into smaller pieces using a wavy soap cutter.

I think that when I do this again, I won’t put quite as many strips as I did in the citrus soap. The soaps have a lot of rough edges on the bottom from the strips sticking out. On the whole though, I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out.

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