QotD: I Bought This Just For You

Are you a re-gifter? Have you ever re-gifted?
Submitted by Sandals.

Sometimes I’d like to be, but I haven’t quite figured out the graceful way to do it. Re-gifting is not something I would want to do regularly, but if I received a gift that I couldn’t use, or *really* didn’t like, and I know that someone I love would like it, I see no harm in passing it on. This assumes of course that it was in pristine condition.

The concept of re-gifting is a reminder to all of us to shop for gifts that the recipient will actually like. Don’t give someone a gift cuz you really wanted it and couldn’t justify spending that money on yourself so you figured someone else should have that item. And don’t buy something just to get out of the store and figure “I’ll give this to someone – I just don’t know who yet.” That gift is bound to be passed on. Hopefully it will take a short path to get to its rightful owner.

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