It finally works!

After several attempts, I finally got moblogging to work. So I’ve probably annoyed my neighbourhood by sending multiple messages from email and my phone to see if each method actually creates a post on my site, then deleting the message.

I did discover that I don’t really want to use my phone for actual moblogging since each message it sends adds a signature with my phone number in it. I’m all for openess and transparency, but y’all don’t need my phone number.

However, sending posts via email will be a bit more useful. I’m glad my moblogging settings finally work cuz it was really bugging me.

For all of you that moblog with actual mobile devices, how do you post without signatures? The Blackberry users at work all have “This message sent with a Blackberry device” sent with all their emails, and I imagine most other phones/other mobile devices do that too. Do you manually edit everything, or is there a trick to it that I don’t know since I just got a cell phone last year.*

* For what it’s worth, I actually did have a cellphone for about a year way back when (mid-1999 till mid-2000), so it’s not like I’m anti-mobile or anything like that. When I gave up the first one, I didn’t replace it right away cuz I didn’t really need one. I didn’t do much driving, my commute to work was on the subway where phones don’t work, and I was either at home or at work, so I was totally reachable for 98% of my day. When Sean bought us phones last year for Christmas, (we thought we’d text each other with them when we went to Vegas the following February – that was a bust cuz the phones didn’t even *work* in the States!) we really didn’t need them all that much as we still did most of our commuting via subway, and we spent most of our time at work and home or otherwise together, so they weren’t a major necessity. But darn if it didn’t turn into a convenience – call from the store to ask if I forgot anything, or call each other in the store to find each other. I also get a huge kick out of text messaging – I’m only a little late to that party. However this convenience would be much more convenient if we remembered to actually turn the phones on when we are out and about! Or if I could actually hear my phone when it’s in my purse!

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