A gift from my two dads…

When Sean and I went to my parent’s place last weekend to hook up their new Internet connection, I walked into their garage to see this lovely shelf. My sister has a similar one in her kitchen that I have admired for some time, so my parents decided that they should make one for me. So my stepdad, being the handy guy that he is made it based on the measurements that he took from her shelf. It was supposed to be a Christmas present, but they ran out of time. I’d say getting it done by the end of the year was pretty darn impressive.

As my stepdad was telling me about how he put the shelf together, he mentioned that he had used tools that used to belong to my dad that my mom had kept after he died. Upon hearing this, I blurted out, “So it’s a present from *both* my dads! That makes it *extra* special!”

He said “Yes, and your father’s combination square is a piece of shit, but I couldn’t find mine. I did use your dad’s white mallet though, and it worked fine.” That made me laugh.

We’re a sentimental pair, my stepdad and I.

I’m thrilled with this shelf, and I stained it yesterday. I loaded it up with our stuff today (the dog treats are up high so Leia doesn’t go sneaking). Since the shelf covers up where our clock used to be, I nailed it to the front of the shelf. That covers up the non-existent hole in the top that would have made the shelf more like a birdhouse.

It’s funny what stuff sticks around people’s homes. Shitty tools never seem to find a place to die, but can anyone ever find stuff like scotch tape and a pen that works consistently without tearing apart the house?

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