QotD: Give Me A Ring

What is your favorite ring tone?
Submitted by rach.

Ringtones are generally annoying whether they are the phone’s default or customized to the user. However, when Sean and I got our cell phones last year, we both agonized for which ringtone to pick out for our phones. We each wanted something that felt like “us”, and wasn’t too trendy so we wouldn’t have to replace it later. (Ringtones are expensive when you are on a pay-as-you-go plan!) After much deliberation Sean decided on the polyphonic version of “Money” by Pink Floyd, and I got “Fat Bottomed Girls” by Queen. It’s so rare for either of us to get incoming calls (our cell phone usage consists mostly of “I’m leaving the store, is there anything else you want” calls), I don’t know why we agonized so much.

My stepdad, who works away from home during the week got a cell phone recently. When he was driving me to meet Sean last weekend, he asked me if I would change the ringtone for him. I said sure and asked him what he wanted. He replied “Oh, AC/DC I think”. So I did the search on his phone, and by the time we got to town, I had set “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap*” as his ringtone. I phoned him from my phone to test it and it worked. When we met up with Sean, we made him listen to it. Big laughs all around. I asked my stepdad if he got a lot of calls. He told me “[I get] None. But I’ll phone my phone just to hear this.” Now I want to start pranking my stepdad’s cell phone just so his phone will ring and he will be happy. However I did set it to High and Vibrate, so it may scare him when it rings.

*A sidebar about the song “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”. That song is Sean’s and my wedding song. Seriously. That happened by accident cuz we made our own CDs for our wedding, and since dancing wasn’t really planned, we just threw in a “rock that the old folks would appreciate” CD and hit random. That was the first song that came up. The only reaction we got was when one of his aunts asked us to turn it down. So, if you choose to do your own music for your wedding, you may not want to hit Random on your CD or mp3 player. We thought it was hilarious. It got funnier when we each told my stepdad “that’s our wedding song!” once he picked it as our ringtone. (I told him in the car, Sean told him when we met him in the parking lot). So now my stepdad has an extra reason to like that song. (Never mind that I told him that I tend to sing the song as “Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep about 50% of the time.)

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