What is the best way to moblog?

With all this talk about moblogging today, I’d like to know how people use it in their blogs. I understand how to *do* it, and I’ve figured out how to do it from my email and my cell phone. However, I find it frustrating that since I have a regular cell phone with no camera, and texting takes forever to do with proper spelling. Also, my carrier includes my phone number and a “sent by text messaging from a mobile device” in the signature of each message, and I’m not comfortable with that.

So in order to enjoy true moblogging, do I have to bite it and buy a smartphone that does real email and not just text to email, or will a web-enabled phone do what I need?

Also, if anyone can recommend a phone for me, I would appreciate it. Remember that I’m in Canada, and it seems that the really cool stuff takes it time to get here.

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