Six hours between coats

The second coat of ceiling paint and the first coat of green paint have been on for about two hours now. I can’t believe I’m actually on schedule for this. The can of paint says to wait 6-8 hours to put the next coat on, so that means I can start the second coat at 5:30. Six hours seems like a really long time to wait, but I figure they put that on the can for a reason, so I don’t want to risk it by starting earlier. I’m such a rule-follower.

The green looks really nice with the tub. I’m just hoping that I don’t have to put a third coat on. You can still see some orange coming through in spots, but I’m hoping the second coat will alleviate that. A third coat will totally screw up my schedule. I’m really motivated to get this done by tonight so I can have happy hour tonight with Sean. Then I can spend tomorrow doing the trim and putting things back to normal. A girl’s got to have priorities.

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