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Sean took this picture of the two of us during our trip to San Francisco back in 2003. We had arrived a few hours before, and were on a boat tour of the bay. We were giggly cuz we had never taken a big trip together, and we were excited about seeing a new city. He was having a hard time framing the two of us in this picture, but I like it cuz it doesn’t look posed. It looks like us.

Once we got off the boat, we walked around the tourist area for a bit. Once we sat down, the following conversation happened:

Sean: Do you love me?

Melissa: What do you want?

Sean: Do you love me?

Melissa: I’m not going to the gawddam aquarium (This had been a major bone of contention throughout the entire preparation for the trip. I am terrified of most sea creatures, especially octopuses, which the Aquarium on the Bay is famous for.)

Sean: *pulls out engagement ring*, “Will you marry me?”

Melissa: *was not expecting this question* “…”

Melissa: *starts talking about nothing – very embarrassed about reaction*

Sean: “So are you going to answer me or not?”

Melissa: *Realizes during all that useless prattle, did not actually answer the question at hand.* ” Oh. Yes, of course – I thought that was a given!”

At this point, we’d been together for just over seven years, and had been living together for just over five of those years. I guess I figured that he knew me well enough that I would say yes. The same logic applies to why I assumed that when he asked if I loved him, my instinct was to ask what he wanted. I guess you really shouldn’t take either of those things for granted. The proposal also explained why he was extra anxious at the airport. Turns out he had the ring in his pocket, and he was afraid the metal detector was going to pick it up and the surprise would be ruined.

This picture reminds me of the moment that we decided to take the next big step in our lives together. I glad we captured it.

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