Weather report

It’s snowing and blowing here and has been for the last couple of hours. I’ve tried to capture it here, and while I’ve captured the creepy purple-black sky, I had a hard time with the actual flakes. That’s what I get for not actually going outside to take this picture.

We’re supposed to get up to 10cm of it by tomorrow night. Because it’s going to be blowing around and look worse than it is, people will panic and forget how to drive. Makes me glad I take the TTC (Toronto’s public transit system) to work.

Sometimes I wish we’d have a really big storm. One that closes down the TTC. I work with a lot of people who either drive to work or commute via GO Transit (commuter trains that cover the entire Greater Toronto Area). They’re always the ones that either work from home, or leave early when bad weather happens. And they should – if you don’t have to be on the road, you shouldn’t be in bad weather.

However, it bums me out that I don’t have that luxury. Since I actually live reasonably close to work, I can walk to the subway and be at work most days within about half an hour. Sean works a little further away, but he also works on the subway line and it takes him about 45 minutes door to door. So as long as the TTC is open, we have no excuse not to go to work. I watch all the long-distance commuters planning their escape to avoid overcrowded roads and a three hour trip home when it normally takes an hour. Since I have no escape hatch, I continue to work between glimpses out the window.

As happy as I am to live close to work (I’ve done the commuter thing and I hated it), sometimes I’d like to take part in the snow-day mentality and skip out of work early. However, the TTC does a good job of keeping things running during storms, so that is unlikely to happen. The TTC gets awfully busy during storms, but it does run so we should be thankful that life can go on as normal. And I am. I just want everyone to have a snow day once in awhile.

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