watch your mittens

Thursday’s storm did not get me a snow day. I was half an hour late to work on Friday though – way to show the wimps who didn’t come in, or left early on Thursday! Between shovelling, walking the dog, losing my mitten, changing my socks and walking through wet sloppy snow and several weather-induced ponds to get to the subway, getting to work on time just didn’t happen for Sean and I. I soaked two pairs of socks by 8:30 AM and had to buy a third pair when I got to work.

This picture shows the nice part about ice storms. Everything is pretty for a few minutes and you forget that you have to walk, drive or otherwise deal with it.

Sean was a hero when I told him I lost my mitten. He went around the block where I had walked the dog and found it for me. I’ve managed to keep these mittens for over ten years and they always come back whenever I lose them. Maybe I will start pinning them to my jacket or tying them to a string and keeping them in my jacket. Mittens seem to like to escape from pockets – they’re squirmy.

This branch came down in the wind on Thursday night. The tree is just to the left of the picture. I took this picture from our bedroom on the second floor of the house. I think the branch is close to 15 feet tall, but I’m not really sure. We have lots of small branches scattered throughout the yard, but no downed power lines so we are lucky. Our neighbour had a wire that was dipping so low it looked like an ice-covered clothesline. I thought it looked really pretty, but didn’t want to get too close in case it fell, so no picture of that.

At least with things thawing, the countdown to spring is now officially on!

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