Vox Hunt: Deserves To Be Heard

Audio: Share something extremely rare that deserves to be heard.
Submitted by deusdiabolus

I went digging through my music, and found this song.

It comes from the In September cassette that Hayden released in 1994. This cassette was hard to find (no ebay in 1994!) so I never actually owned it. I got this when I downloaded a few tracks from this release during the heyday of free music downloading a few years ago.

Let it be known that I have bought the rest of his catalog, and have paid for several concert tickets since then. Hayden is actually one of my very favourite live acts. I was in the crowd for the show on this CD, and it was a wonderful show to record for wide release. Hayden has the best in-between stage banter of any performer I’ve ever seen. It’s not the main reason to see his shows, but it makes them that much better.

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