send me an email, so I won't forget

This morning Sean called me to ask me to pay the water bill. I asked him to send me an email so I wouldn’t forget. He said that since it wasn’t work-related, I shouldn’t need an email asking me to do something. I dutifully wrote it down in my planner and forgot about it. (I was a busy bee today.) If I had gotten the email, I would have put it on my electronic to-do list, which tends to get done faster.

Later in the afternoon, I called Sean to ask what I was supposed to pay again. He told me, and I asked again if I could get an email reminding me in writing, since I was busy. He sent me the following picture:

I annotated it to be helpful.

1) The amount of money we owed
2) A picture of me with stink lines (can’t shower if the water is turned off)
3) A dirty dish (can’t wash the dishes if the water is turned off)
4) dead flowers (can’t water the garden if the water is turned off)

When we were on the phone the second time, he told me to think of all of these things so I wouldn’t forget to pay the water bill. Then he sent this picture so I’d have my email.

When I finally paid the bill, I sent the following picture back to Sean:

That’s me paying the water bill, which equals, living flowers, clean dishes and pleasant-smelling people.

Everyone is a comedian in this house.

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