I am a Fashion Disaster

On Saturday, I became the owner of a fake pair of hot pink Crocs.

I’ve been intrigued by Crocs since they became a Big Deal a couple years back, but I never picked up a pair. I don’t hate the look of them, but they certainly have a time and place all their own. I also didn’t think they looked very comfortable, but when I asked my best friend last summer if she liked hers , she said they were the comfiest shoes she ever owned. My intrigue was increased, but not enough to buy a pair. Especially when I realized that real ones went for 35 bucks a shot.

However, gardening season is coming up, and I’m sick of getting mud all over my beloved Birkenstocks every time I water the plants. I thought I’d at least check the Crocs out a little more closely since I can hose ’em down after I muddy ’em up and not worry about them going gross and stinky as wet shoes tend to do. The $35 price tag still deterred me, but once I saw the fakes sprouting in all the discount stores (kinda like flowers in springtime), I figured what the heck? The fact that they come in lots of colours also helped. I’m a sucker for anything goofy in bright colours – I’m kinda like a cartoon that way.

Sean has already informed me that he will not be seen with me if I wear these in public. He also says that when I wear my Birkenstocks with socks (the more colourful, the better), and he only walks a few steps in front of me when that happens, so I’m not too worried about it. Here’s hoping these silly pink shoes are a good spring/summer shoe, with or without the socks.

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