Stating the obvious in a ridiculous way

I saw a commercial on TV tonight for Playtex Sport branded tampons. Apparently they provide “sport-level protection at game time, or any time” by having the following features:

  • “A contoured applicator with No-Slip™ Grip”
  • “A 360-degree coverage™ design”
  • “A one-of-a-kind anti-leak backup layer that won’t let you down”

Aren’t these features women want of all tampons? These are the basic features that make the darn things work! (An exception is o.b. tampons, which don’t always have an applicator.)

Unless you’re changing it really quickly between (hockey) periods and need to worry about dropping the thing on the floor of the dressing room, chances are that you aren’t going to drop the tampon. The No-Slip™ Grip is making me think of a tampon wrapped in grip tape, which really seems like overkill.

The marketing team must have had great fun coming up with this copy. I can practically hear the women’s eyerolling during that meeting.

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