Sunshine makes everything better

A really good weekend was had at the melissa-and-sean homestead. The weather was gorgeous, so we spent lots of time outside. We got the yard cleaned up which was my major goal for the weekend. We did all the usual weekend errands and chores, and a few out-of-the-ordinary jobs (like washing curtains), so it wasn’t like we did anything particularly exciting. However, being able to sit outside afterwards in shorts and a t-shirt with a cold drink to hang out with Sean and the dog was wonderful.

The cat was mad that he couldn’t come out too, and meowed at the door loudly to show his annoyance. He forgets that he is an indoor cat. We did feel bad about leaving him inside though, so Sean picked him up and brought him out to sit with him in the chair. He was very squirmy and just wanted to get down and run away! (Earlier attempts to bring the cat outside have ended up with us going to look under our neighbour’s car to find the cat hiding under it since he knows we can’t reach him.) The cat was then returned to the house where he angrily meowed some more.

Spring fever is in full swing at my house. Just wait till gardening season starts!

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