People watching on the subway…

This morning on my way to work, I saw a young mother and her daughter (who I think was around four years old) having a worried conversation. The daughter wanted something that Mommy had forgotten at home and was getting agitated about it. Mommy was being mean by not getting off the train to turn around to go back and get it. It wasn’t that interesting a conversation, so I went back to reading my paper.

When I looked up next, Mommy had started to settle down her daughter by sharing her headphones so they could listen to music on Mommy’s mp3 player together. I figured they were listening to kids songs or stories to stop the kid from getting bored on the train. A welcome distraction so the kid wouldn’t keep asking about whatever was forgotten at home.

I soon realized that it wasn’t children’s songs or stories when the kid started singing the phrase “highway to hell” over and over again in that not-quite monotone repetitive voice kids have sometimes. Mommy was telling her daughter to be quiet, but that just resulted in the kid continuing to sing “highway to hell” but in a quieter voice.

I had to hide behind my paper because I was giggling too much by this point. I think Mommy was quite embarrassed but it made my morning.

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