I've never even seen this movie!

This morning as I was walking into the subway, I saw a cute guy about my age (probably a little younger). Normally, I would just take a quick look and move on with my day. However, when I took a quick peek at him, I saw that he was wearing an interesting T-shirt. I thought it was a band shirt (I like to see what band shirts people are wearing), but I couldn’t read it. So when the moment was right, I turned around and looked again. Still couldn’t read it. Of course now I’m curious, but don’t want to seem all psycho, so I follow my usual routine – swipe my metropass, get my newspaper and go to the train.

However, by the time I came back from getting the paper, I saw the guy again. I got a good enough look at his shirt to realize that it wasn’t a band shirt, but a Bubba Ho-Tep movie shirt. This made me smile because I knew Sean liked this movie when he watched it with our former roommate. (Besides, it has Bruce Campbell in it – how bad could it be?)

Now that my question was settled, I could get on with my day.

However, when I got on the train, Mr Bubba Ho-Tep T-Shirt also got on the train. Then he ended up sitting right beside me! When there were other empty seats in the train! This freaked me out. What if he asked me why I was staring at him earlier? (I was really trying not to, I thought I was being subtle.) What if he tried to start a conversation beyond that? I realized I was overthinking when he pulled out his book and began to read. That was when I began to calm down and read my newspaper, but I did make sure that my left hand with wedding ring was noticeable, just in case he thought I was trying to lead him on. I thought I was being subtle, but now I worry that I was as subtle as a Mack truck. Forgive me – I’ve been with the same guy for over eleven years, and I didn’t have much success with boys before that! The idea of getting hit on frightens me, cuz I don’t think I’ve ever really experienced it, except for one time on the bus by some creepy guy. (What is it with public transit anyway?)

So we never ended up speaking, and when we got to Yonge station, we went our separate ways. I admit that I breathed a sigh of relief. If he actually had spoken to me, I don’t know what I would have said that didn’t make me sound like an idiot. I’ve always wanted to be brave and tell someone randomly that I think they are cute. But I’m always afraid that they will take it the wrong way and ugliness will prevail.

At this point, I was kinda embarrassed – it wasn’t about me, it was all coincidences. As I continued my trek to work, I began to wonder, “should I tell Sean?” We’re one of those couples who aren’t afraid to point out good looking people to each other, so that wasn’t an issue. Fortunately, the answer came to me thanks to a conversation we had today that led to “guess what happened to me this morning?” I told Sean my pathetic story and I’m pretty sure I heard his eyes roll over the phone. He did advise me to watch the Missed Connections page on Craigslist. (Nothing yet – of course I looked! I do blame Sean though since he put the idea in my head)

However, the icing on the cake was when Sean called me downstairs to show me what was on TV earlier this evening. Bubba Ho-tep was playing on TV. This is one of those times that I think God has a sense of humour. We laughed about it, and I told him that I loved him the most. Then I asked him if he thought this would make a good blog post. This time I saw his eyes rolling, but he supported it with a hearty “Do what you want!”

I told him that the post would probably turn into a love letter for him. More eyerolling. So I’ll just stick to a sentence:

I love Sean more than I could ever love some random cute boy I saw on the TTC wearing a cool T-shirt.

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