QotD: Just Five More Minutes…

What time is your alarm clock set for? Do you use the snooze button?

The alarm clock is set for 6AM. The clock is set 10 minutes ahead. I have it set so that I can press snooze for about an hour before Sean and I need to get up. I’ve had this snooze-button ritual for as long as I’ve had an alarm clock. The ten-minutes-ahead habit kicked in a few years ago when I was having trouble getting to work on time. It helps most of the time.

I’d love to get one of those alarm clocks that simulate the sunrise and wake you up progressively. My current alarm clock does have nature noises, which I really like. I hate being beeped out of sleep. When I shared a room with my sister for a brief time in our teenage years, she insisted on having her alarm clock doing the wake-up call. The beeping jolted me out of my sleep every time, and I always woke up feeling completely spazzed. I didn’t mind the radio so much, but it didn’t wake her up, so I lived with the beeping. I was very thankful to get my own room again.

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