Happy Birthday Sean!

It was a busy weekend for Sean and I. We both took Friday and today as vacation days, and I’m really glad we did. I don’t think we could have crammed everything in otherwise.

I went to my annual girl’s weekend with my mother’s side of the family. It was a smaller crowd this year but much fun was had. The weather was a little chillier than we would have liked though. We were in sweatshirts or under blankets for most of the weekend. However we were troopers and spent pretty much the entire time outside. Of course, we all forgot to take pictures, but my sister did take some video. She’s not sure how to hook up her camera to her computer, so I don’t think we’ll be Youtube stars anytime soon. This is not a bad thing, cuz she kept filming us at inopportune times.

Sean’s weekend was spent doing several things for our friends who are getting married next month. Friday was Jason and Amanda’s Buck and Doe party (otherwise known as a Jack and Jill). It sounds like they had a lot of fun. Sean ended up having to eat a minnow because he didn’t buy something called “fish insurance” and they called his name. So I guess he got his protein fix then. Saturday was spent at a stag party for Jason. They played paintball in the afternoon, and I hope everyone else isn’t as bruised as Sean is. He’s got nasty bruises of varying sizes all over him. The evening was spent doing more traditional stag party things, which I don’t have first-hand information on, so I won’t share here. It sounds like it was a fun night, so I’m glad for that. Sean spent a lot of time planning the party, and it sounds like he did a good job so I am proud of him.

To top off this busy extra-long weekend, today is Sean’s 30th birthday. We had planned to go to Canada’s Wonderland today, but given the bruises he got from earlier in the weekend, we decided not to go. Instead, we spent the day hanging out, doing errands and having a steak dinner here at home. Sean barbecued using the spiffy new barbecue that my parents and I went in together on and bought for his birthday. He got the BBQ back on Victoria Day weekend, so he has been using this birthday present for about a month now. Sean is getting to be a really good barbecue-er, and dinner was delicious.

I’m really happy that we changed our plans and decided to just hang out at home today. We got some rest from our busy weekends and we’ll go back to work tomorrow feeling like we got some rest.

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