Cell phones are for calling people? Who does that anymore?

My cell phone is becoming more and more useful. Not so much for calling people (although it’s capable of that too), but for sending text messages to get information and to update various websites.

I just learned about Google SMS today. Along with finding out restaurants and movie times, this will help with settling bets and questions while out and about. I also just discovered that Facebook and Virgin Mobile Canada now play nicely together so I can send text messages there too. Probably not incredibly useful without cameras and stuff, but could be fun. I’ve been using my cell phone to occasionally update my Twitter page for a while now.

I’ll continue to do most of my various updates from the web (cuz that’s free) versus paying to send a text, but it’s fun to text stuff as I think of it versus waiting until I am in front of a computer. I don’t have web browsing capability on my phone (it seems so expensive for what you get), but all this text messaging should be plenty for now.

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