Things to do this weekend

I’m staying home this weekend so I am making myself a to-do list so the days aren’t wasted away. I’m putting the list online to shame myself into actually doing these things. Using strike tags (or the super-fancy strike button) to cross something off of a list is so satisfying!

To do this weekend – September 1-3, 2007

  • Clean out and organize my office This was the task I was dreading. There was a lot of old mail to go through for shredding and recycling. I wimped out and didn’t do the closet, but that’s a job best taken on as a standalone project. I can see my desk and the floor now and that makes me happy.
  • Clean the bathroom Woo-hoo! One job down, eight to go!
  • Weed the garden (thoroughly, with tools and gloves) Filled a whole yard waste bag with pulled weeds!
  • Water the garden (at least once) Did the tomatoes ever need the watering!
  • Book appointment for haircut Booked for next Saturday!
  • Take old clothes and books to Goodwill or Goodwill-type place (they’re already gathered) Sean gets credit for this one since he did the actual drop-off.
  • Straighten up the deck (including getting rid of kitchen table and chairs no longer being used) Gave the chairs and table away via Freecycle this morning. The last chore is finally done!
  • Spend birthday money Got three new shirts and a memory card for my camera.
  • Write thank-you notes for gifts bought with said money (send pictures) It feels good to get those out of the way so quickly.

This is a big list, but some of the to-do items are small, so I think this should be do-able. Wish me luck.

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