If you can't see it, make sure someone else has your back(side)

On my way to the subway after work, I ended up walking behind this cute young couple. Their arms were around each other. They were chatting animatedly. Lots of laughs. They were in love. How sweet.

I looked down and realized that I could see her thong and her bum through the back of her dress. Not panty lines – her black thong and her pasty white ass. She was wearing a lovely short black dress so at least she was coordinated. The dress looked like T-shirt type material so the back end was probably becoming worn through by sitting on it all day.

You would think that her man might have stood behind her at some point and noticed that her behind was accidentally flashing the world. Maybe her dress was see-through because it was sunny. I just know that I should not have seen that much of that woman’s posterior in public, thong-covered or not.

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This work by Melissa Price-Mitchell is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada.
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