It's gotta be on the list!

Since my online to-do list I made on Labour Day weekend worked out so well, I started using Remember the Milk so I can have online to-do lists going all the time. I’m just getting the hang of the features, but I love checking things off as done. That satisfaction is helping me actually complete the tasks, which is making me want to do more stuff. I’m loving the Twitter integration – makes adding tasks to my list so easy while at work. Getting reminders to actually get the tasks done really help too.

One of the tasks I’ve decided to take on is that I need to get to know my new camera better. Therefore, I need to take more pictures. I’ve set myself a repeating task to take 100 pictures a day (minimum) to see what I get. On this inaugural day, I took 109 pictures, and ended up deleting almost half due to being out of focus. I’m sure as I review them more closely, I will delete some for other reasons. As long as I get a few good ones, and those few good ones increase with each passing day, this task will be worth it. Hopefully, this will also lead me out and about to capture interesting things.

This should be a really interesting experiment. I hope it works out.

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