QotD: Via Snail Mail

When did you last write/receive a handwritten, snail-mail letter? Who was it to/from?
Submitted by Places Unknown.

I can’t think of a recent letter, but I do get cards in the mail. The last ones were birthday cards I received from my parents, my aunt and uncle, and my girlfriend Carrie.

I just asked Sean if he ever mailed me letters. He hadn’t, but he used to write me notes when we were first dating. I knew that, but I wanted to be sure I wasn’t forgetting any actual mail.

When Sean and I first started dating, we were in high school. Since we were in different classes for 75% of the day, we would write each other notes. Nothing too exciting was shared in these notes – they were kind of like blog entries – what we did during the day, ideas for plans for the weekend, that sort of thing.

Being a teenage girl, I was a good note writer, and I used to do anything to make them creative. I’d use different colours, illustrations (of the stick people variety) and one memorable one was written in a spiralled square format that you had to constantly turn to read.

I actually just went and found one that Sean wrote me while he was in college and I was still in high school. I won’t share it here, but it was very sweet. The letters we wrote were much better than the fights we used to pick with each other on the phone and via IRC. Can’t say I miss those days.

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