Did we walk in on a private moment?

bumblebee-1When I got home from work today, I found Sean sitting on our deck, slouched over in the chair. He looked like the dog had died, so I wondered if anything was wrong. What, me worry?

When I got closer, I saw that he had the camera in his hands. When I asked him what he was doing, he told me he was “watching the bees” and pointed down.

He then explained that he noticed them when he brought Leia back from their walk. The dog wanted to check things out too, but Sean shooed her inside so that she wouldn’t end up stung. Her exploration probably would have been more boisterous than ours and a sting would have been likely. I was also reminded to be careful as I have a tendency to not watch where I am walking.

bumblebee-2We’re pretty sure they were mating, but it looks like there are three bees – a big one in the middle and one on either side. Are bees known to have threesomes? Or were they doing something else? When Sean dangled the camera strap down by the biggest bee, it waved one of it’s legs lazily that made us think that it was saying “Go away already”. Then I felt embarrassed for watching such a private moment, even though it was taking place on *my* deck.

We decided then to leave the bees to their activity. However, when I looked out the window twenty minutes later, they were still there. I just went back out to check now (nearly six hours later) and they are gone.

I hope they got what they wanted out of each other. And that no one stepped on them by mistake after they left our deck.

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