Reason #34512 that I am an idiot…

I locked myself out of the house earlier this evening when I took the dog for a walk. I willfully locked the door even though my keys were still in my purse, inside the house. The door was closed for about 5 seconds when I realized what I had done.

The worst part was that Sean was just coming back from Ottawa today and he wasn’t home yet.

So after Leia and I finished our walk, we got to sit outside and wait for over an hour and a half. I had no cell phone, ID or money on me. Just a dog, leash and our mail. Fortunately, I was able to throw out the bags of dog poop into the organic waste bin that we keep outside.

Sean was amused by the greeting he received in the driveway by his dog and his wife. Normally we have the good sense to wait inside for him.

I was just happy that he didn’t get stuck in traffic, or heaven forbid, have an accident.

I considered kicking in the window or the door, but figured that was a bad idea for two reasons. One was that I was wearing sandals and kicking in glass in scantily covered feet just felt like a bad idea. The other reason was that I figured that Sean would show up the minute I did anything drastic like kick in a door. Then I’d have an injured foot, a cranky husband and a broken door. Sitting quietly outside got a lot more appealing after that thought.

I might have risked all those things if I had to pee though. I live on a corner and everyone would notice if I had peed in my yard while I was waiting. One needs to be thankful for small mercies.

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