I am loving this record right now…

I’ve been listening to Priestess‘ record “Hello Master” constantly since Sean bought it for me back in October. We actually went to the big HMV downtown and browsed – something we haven’t done together in a long time. It was fun, and made me nostalgic for when we were dating and HMV was one of our mandatory stops on our trips into the city.

Priestess has a song on the Guitar Hero III soundtrack (and by the way, I totally rocked it on Easy), but you should give the rest of the album a listen. It’s catchy, the songs have enough crunch to them that the rockers will like it, but the non-rockers won’t run out of the room if this is put on at a party. The songs are just the right length – no excessive guitar wank here.

I haven’t seen them live, but I’d like to – I imagine that the live shows are pretty fun.

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