Life QotD: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

What are your rules for where your pets sleep?  Are they allowed on your bed or do they have their own?

If I had my way, the dog and cat would sleep somewhere else. Sean is a softie though, so we leave the bedroom door open so they can roam freely throughout the house as they wish. They usually end up with us in one way or another.

Leia has her own bed at the foot of ours, but she usually gets in with Sean and I as we are going to bed. She’s a good-sized dog, and therefore takes up a lot of real estate if she is spread out. She tries to get in between us, but she crowds so we usually have to move her to the corner of the bed beneath Sean’s feet. She usually ends up in her bed by the time we wake up in the morning so I suppose we crowd her out. It’s our bed, so that’s allowed. If one of us is away, the dog has been known to spoon right into the other person, which makes for a shock when they wake up.

BucKley the cat on the other hand usually wanders. He likes to get behind Sean’s pillow and snooze, but that’s usually after he’s walked all over the bed to check things out. If my hair gets stepped on inadvertently, he gets a stern talking-to that may end in temporary banishment. In the morning he often is sleeping at my feet which gets a little crowded once I start waking up and moving around to stretch.

The system seems to work for us, but I wish our bedroom was big enough to accommodate a king-size bed. Then everyone could sleep together without all the crowding.

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