Obligatory New Year’s Eve Post

I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay up past midnight tonight as I had trouble sleeping last night and couldn’t get to sleep until nearly 3AM. I had a little nap earlier this afternoon, but once I’ve had some wine and am in my jammies, I’m not promising anything.

Sean and I are staying home and having fondue (a New Years tradition when we stay home). We’re doing chicken in broth fondue and the classic cheese fondue with French bread. I was all excited to make a fancy cheese fondue from my fondue cookbook, but couldn’t find any gruyere cheese at the grocery store (either they were out or I passed it over as I wasn’t sure what it looked like). So I wimped out and bought what is essentially “cheese fondue in a box” – a mixture of cheeses that is ready for fonduing – just put in a pot and melt it then transfer to the fondue pot. It has gruyere cheese in it so I’m not too disappointed. I’ve used this kit before and it was tasty. I did want to try something different though – I guess I will next time.

If I don’t post again before next year (*eyeroll*), Happy New Year.

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