Making preparations…

Sean and I are going to the Dominican Republic on January 24th for a week-long vacation. This is our first Caribbean trip and we are going with friends. We have spent most of January preparing for this trip – lots of shopping and list-making. I just starting putting clothes in the suitcase today, but am certainly not done packing yet. We’ve probably bought more summer clothes in the last week and a half than we did last summer, which is no mean feat here in wintry Toronto! We’ve managed to find:

  • bathing suit and cover up for me
  • 2 bathing suits for Sean – same style, different colours – in case “the first one isn’t dry the next morning” said Sean the fashion plate
  • “swooshy” capri pants with beading on the cuffs for me that can be dressed up or down
  • a button-up shirt that is way too big for Sean (“they didn’t have my size so I bought the next size up”), but he doesn’t want to return it. I told him to wear a smaller shirt underneath and leave it unbuttoned so people can see he is not that ginormous
  • flip-flops for me (in pink of course – probably wouldn’t have bought them otherwise as I am a Birkenstock girl at heart)
  • dark green pants that button up into capris for me – that way I can leave Toronto in pants and turn them into capris when we get off the plane – makes for one less item to pack!

Sean still needs sandals as he doesn’t usually wear them here at home. He usually wears really thick socks with his shoes all year round, which would just be a stupid thing to do on a beach. He also needs khakis as his usual work dress pants would probably be overkill in the “must wear long pants” places. We also need to get a few more toiletry-type things, but the buying is just about done. I also picked up three novels of varying trashiness for me to read – it’s been really hard not to pick them up and start them right away.

We’re starting to get really excited. Just another week and a half to survive at work and we are outta here!

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