It feels like we came back two months ago, not two weeks ago

Sean and I came back from the Dominican on January 31st. It feels like we’ve been back for a lot longer than that. Here are some pictures from our trip. The full set can be found at

I managed to write our names in the sand and take a picture of it before the wave came in and washed it all away. That proves we were there, right?

Names in the sand

We did a lot of walking at the beach. It looks nearly empty here, but there were always lots of people there.


This was a self-portrait that turned out pretty good. I bought this bathing suit especially for the trip and I really liked it. It was comfortable and I didn’t look horrible in it.


Sean bought some cigars when he was down there and is now trying to learn more about them. Apparently, it’s a lot like wine appreciation. However, they really stink up the house so he has to smoke them outside.

Sean relaxing with a cigar

We did a lot of swimming in the ocean. We spent an afternoon playing in the waves and came back to the resort with enough sand in our suits to make our own private sandboxes. It was totally worth it.

Sean catches a wave

Given my extreme fear of water-dwelling creatures, I wasn’t sure if I would do more than get my feet wet in the ocean. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the water was warm and the bottom was sandy. I only saw one fish and it was dead and about 6 inches long so I wasn’t too panicked by it. Playing in the waves and cooling off overrode my fear of whatever dwells in the deep. Fortunately I didn’t see anything else that would have scared me out of the water, and no one brushed my leg and tried to tell me it was a fish or an octopus to make me run screaming to the beach.

melissa and Amanda in the ocean

This is everyone we came with. It was a good idea to go with other couples because there was always someone who wanted to do what you wanted to do if your spouse wasn’t interested. So no one ended up doing things alone unless they were stretched out on a beach chair reading a book.

Group shot

If I didn’t know this picture was taken from an airplane, I would think I was looking at a snowy landscape. The clouds looked so solid from this perspective.

Sky from the plane

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