I’ve been keeping my distance from this place lately. It’s been hard to share what’s going on in my life when the biggest, most life-changing-est event ever to happen to Sean and I was something we wanted to keep to ourselves until we were ready to share it, first with our families and friends, then with the world at large.

Sean and I are incubating a little critter. Said critter is due around September 8th.

We are starting to get really excited. We’re a whole lot of other things too, but happy and excited are the big ones. It got easier to be excited and happy once we passed the first trimester and started telling people. My mother is ecstatic – this is her first grandchild, and while she has never pressured my sister or I for grandchildren, she admits to feeling relieved that she finally gets to be a grandmother. Sean’s mom is happy too, and has already begun knitting and sewing for me and the critter.

We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet. We want to find out as soon as we can – we’re dying to know! I ask it if it is a boy or a girl and it doesn’t tell me. Maybe we’ll work out a system of “one kick means yes and two kicks mean no” and I’ll get some answers.

I’m just over three months so I’m not showing much yet. I’m a big girl so I had a good-sized set of boobs and belly to start with. I did look at my belly today, and while I don’t think it’s bigger, it does seem to be changing shape a bit. It feels a little different too.

I still can’t believe that I am going to be someone’s mother in less than six months. Mothers are smart, mature, organized and generally have their acts together. I hope I can rise to the occasion.

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