So much to do…

I’m feeling really overwhelmed right now. Sean and I need to merge our offices so that we can start planning the baby’s room. Sean has already cleaned out a lot of stuff out of his office (which was a huge deal for him – he is a huge packrat), but I have yet to start mine. As I look around, I see so much clutter and junk, it’s hard to find a place to start. I know we still have lots of time to do this, but time has a tendency to move really fast when it comes to this sort of thing. I don’t want it to be a last minute job – we’ll have lots of other things to do then. I’m hoping to spend some time over Easter weekend cleaning out my office. We probably won’t be fully merged by Sunday night, but I intend to at least get a lot of the clutter out of here.

As I look at all the clutter I get really angry. I can’t believe all the junk I’ve managed to accumulate. A lot of it is stuff that other people have given me over the years. Some of it was useful at one time and has simply served its purpose. A lot of it however is just the kind of stuff people give as gifts that end up sitting in people’s homes until they do a major clutter purge or have a yard sale. It makes me feel guilty because I know people give gifts with the greatest of intentions, and from a place of thoughtfulness. But sometimes, I just want to tell people to stop giving me anything. At least now with the baby on the way, people will be more concentrated on buying him or her gifts. Getting rid of that stuff at the end of its usefulness is also socially acceptable. The baby either just won’t fit in the clothes, or is too old for that toy.

Part of me just wants to wimp out and call my mother and beg her to come up and help me with this. The other part of me wants to accomplish this on my own. I know my mom is busy this weekend so if I want it done now, I’m on my own.

Maybe I need to shame myself by posting before, during and after pictures to keep myself moving. Hmm…

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