33 Weeks

33 WeeksSean took this just over an hour ago. I am 33 weeks today. I probably should just give up on wearing my regular t-shirts, but I put this on when I came home from work, so it’s not like I went out in public in it. Does posting it on the internet count? Whatever.

I put some other pictures on my Flickr page (link leads to my entire set of belly pictures, so you can see the progression), including some with exposed belly. I’m not usually a belly exposer in public but I figure since there’s a baby in there, I can get away with it.

The pregnancy is going well. My feel are swollen and I’m still going for weekly non-stress tests, but in general I feel good, and Skeletor seems to be incubating as she should. She’s not totally out of room yet – she’s still kicking up a storm.

We start our prenatal classes on August 16th. We’re doing one full day of prenatal class, one evening class for baby bath and massage, and one evening class for breastfeeding. Hopefully we learn lots, and more importantly, the baby stays put until we finish all the classes!

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