Flora has a bonding moment with her daddy (and the dog)

Everyone in bed but the cat and ISean hates it when I post pictures of him sleeping on the web. (I only did it once before, so it’s not like it’s a regular occurrence.) However, he and Flora looked so cute in these pictures, I had to share them.

When my sister saw them on my Flickr page (she checks it every day to see if I’ve posted new pictures of Flora), she told me that there was a similar picture of my dad and I. I can’t remember if I’ve seen it (I’m sure I have), but she told me that she wanted to group the two pictures together in a frame. Obviously, she is the scrapbooker of the family. I then remembered that I saw a similar picture with Sean and his dad (his dad isn’t sleeping, but the premise is right), so maybe she should group all three if we can find all the pictures.

Mirror ImageI must have stumbled on some classic baby picture pose, if we all have a picture like this. I wonder if there is a book of classic baby picture ideas that you can apply to your baby.

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